Terms & Conditions

Please read and respect the following terms and conditions before using a free layout, graphic, code, etc. created and copyrighted by me. Please remember that claiming ownership of any of my designs is illegal (See what is copyright.org).
* Do NOT remove any links to sweetdesigns.us. I put a lot of work into these layouts. I didn't annoyingly plaster my links or huge buttons all over my stuff, so it's the least you can do. Thank you!

* You may edit the layout without removing the credit link, button, etc.

* Do NOT jock, redistribute, or steal my layouts, backgrounds, graphics, etc. and claim them as your own. I take this very seriously and will take legal action if necessary. These layouts take a lot of time - my free time provided free for you. Please grant me the same respect you would want. Thanks.

Thank you to everyone who abides by these terms. If you see anyone breaking them, please send me their link and what they did, or contact them yourself. Thanks!!!